Consultancy, Management, Leadership and Organisational Development

“Ease is seldom got without some pains, and is rarely kept without them.”
(Lord Halifax 1633-1695)

Jeremy Thorn has a long-standing track-record of helping organisations of all sizes across most sectors, and their key staff, to fulfill their true potential. 

He is perhaps most widely known as a board adviser, business speaker and author, and above all for his Negotiation and related workshops which he delivers to clients internationally from almost all sectors with truly remarkable and memorable results.  (See

How can Jeremy Thorn help you?

Jeremy offers an unusual amalgam of first-hand practical experience, organisational sensitivity and deep business insight, most especially in helping organisations to:

  • Develop sustainable, long-term, business strategies
  • Improve financial performance and negotiate better deals
  • Build top teams
  • Develop even better managers and leaders
  • Recruit for best organisational fit and manage the ‘talent gap’

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Jeremy Thorn works extensively with:

  • large international organisations, such as Alfa Laval, Corus, FKI, HSBC, the RNID, several large law firms and many professional Institutions;
  • the public sector, such as Local Authorities, Educational establishments, Government Departments, the National Health Service and many of their agencies;
  • a wide range of medium-sized & smaller companies and high-growth start-ups;
  • many talented individuals who want to realise their career ambitions and/or build their working relationships more privately.