Leadership and Management Development

How to negotiate better deals
Pricing Strategy

“Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.”
(Oscar Wilde 1854-1900)

“Popularity is a crime from the moment it is sought: it is only a virtue where people have it whether they will or no.”
(Lord Halifax 1633-1695)

What is one of the greatest challenges for any successful manager or leader, would you say?

At least one of them is to know just what we don’t know!

“Jeremy’s senior management workshops offer superb take-home value to all manner of organisations with immediate application.
They are well delivered with great pace and plenty of inter-action, perfectly reading the mood and needs of his participants.
Jeremy’s expertise speaks for itself – particularly when responding to challenging questions with thoughtful answers and direct personal support.”
Jane Hunt, Academy for Chief Executives (Birmingham licensee)

Key topics that many find the most valuable, whether through carefully tailored programmes or 1:1 executive coaching, include:

Top Team-building and Leadership skills

“Jeremy took a number of our senior professional staff and, within only a few sessions, turned them from an enthusiastic but disorganised group of individuals into a dynamic cohesive team. Their service delivery has improved markedly and they continue to develop their skills and team dynamics using the techniques he has taught them.“
Kath Braunton, Director – UK Charity

Strategic Planning skills

“Our Board has found that clarifying our strategy so thoroughly can improve our business performance exponentially. Jeremy Thorn has helped us to put together a real mission, to see the wood from the trees – and even to understand and appreciate each other very much better.”
Merlin Tremayne, Chairman – large family-owned retail chain

Marketing and Pricing Strategy

“I rated Jeremy’s Marketing and Pricing Strategy workshop for our company as even more than 10/10. His flexibility of content, obvious expertise and practical experience were all really helpful, the detailed take-away workshop notes excellent, and his engagement with us outstanding.”
Wally Decker, Business Development Manager, Australia & Far East – engineering company

Hands-on Negotiation skills

“Jeremy’s Negotiation workshops should be mandatory for all senior managers in any field!”
Andy Spring, Finance Director
“Jeremy Thorn’s Negotiation workshop helped us save £2,589,000 in 3 months from 7 people, all with good relationships intact.”
Director of Primary Care Commissioning – NHS Primary Care Trust
“The morning I spent in Jeremy’s introductory negotiating workshop was the most useful 4 hours I have ever spent. It has helped me and countless friends negotiate better deals from buying houses to selling businesses.”
Stuart Gale, Frosts Photo Centre
“Jeremy delivers highly practical and incisive advice on Negotiating Better Deals. In my Gold Forum, nine members reported £780k of benefits within four weeks.”
Mike Wilsher, The Executive Foundation, Bath
“Jeremy scored an average of 90% on the question “how valuable did you find this Negotiation Workshop?” The comments received included:-
‘Excellent session, proves the need for planning.’
‘Great Speaker, really practical, great delivery.’
‘Excellent negotiation planning template – thank you. ‘
‘Speaker very clear and to the point, involved all the group, case study very helpful.’
‘I’ve picked-up some valuable tips & techniques – Jeremy was very informative.’
‘Really opened my eyes to the psychological elements of negotiation.'”
Bob Battye – Chairman Vistage Group 5

 Ethical Influencing and Persuading skills

“Thank you so much for leading such an enjoyable and entirely positive event Jeremy!”
Louise Hunn, Co-ordinator – a NHS Local Research Ethics Council

Recruitment, Selection and Performance Management

”I suspect all experienced employers think, as I used to, that you can spot a good candidate when you see one, and then expect the best from them once recruited? Not so! Jeremy Thorn has shown me what a gulf there is between best and worst practice, and I only wish I had known this many years ago!”
John Foreman, Finance Director – engineering company

Personal performance-enhancement

“Our delegates to Jeremy Thorn’s recent Management Master Class scored over 95% in completely meeting their objectives – a remarkable score from such a discerning group. Jeremy’s workshop style was highly professional, consistently engaging and all his practical examples and exercises were well-researched and greatly valued.”
Nick James, CEO – Fresh Business Thinking

‘Bringing Home the Bacon’- professional sales skills

“Jeremy’s Sales workshop hit the mark and was much the best I have ever experienced, by being tailored to our specific needs.”
Mark Jinkinson, Sales Manager – Engineering Company