Action Learning Sets and Peer-Review Groups

Executive Learning

“Learning hath gained most by those books which the printers have lost.”
(Thomas Fuller 1608-1661)

“It is the mark of a good action that it appears inevitable in retrospect.”
(Robert Louis Stevenson 1850-1894)

Apart from 1:1 Coaching or Mentoring, senior people in particular often prefer to learn best from other senior executives who have had similar experiences, as long as this may be in shared confidence and trust.

But how?

Two well-proven ways of learning from others are by professionally facilitated Action Learning Sets and Peer-Review Groups.

Action Learning Sets

Action Learning Sets were originally pioneered at Cambridge University and developed by Professor Reg Revans into a powerful learning process. They are about solving problems and getting things done – while also learning and developing.

Jeremy Thorn has facilitated such Action Learning Sets for many years, both in-house for larger organisations across different business-streams, and with mixed groups from quite different sectors at similar levels of seniority.

“I’d like to express my gratitude to you for the enjoyable action-learning sessions you have facilitated. I have learned a lot from everyone and I hope I have become an even better leader as a result!”
Anthony D, Director – Research Company
“Jeremy’s sensitive facilitation of our action learning set has produced a very supportive group from quite different backgrounds, where all are keen to learn from each other. Our discussions are consistently constructive and insightful and my time spent with this set is always rewarding.”
Colin M, Senior Manager – NHS Strategic Health Authority

Peer Review Groups

Peer Review Groups may also apply ‘action learning’, but these tend to be less project-specific and usually comprise senior members from different organisations who want to learn from each others’ experiences in confidence.

Personal development comes from members offering their own suggestions for group discussion, especially by learning from others’ questions and proposals, and engaging expert guest speakers as appropriate on topics of common interest.

“I have especially valued the way our Guest Speaker today, Jeremy Thorn, has added to our knowledge by drawing out our own practical experiences to learn from each other, as well as contributing his own detailed expertise.”
BK – member of Academy for Chief Executives, Group 29
I have booked Jeremy on many occasions for his guest speaker sessions on negotiation, strategic planning, the selling process and psychometric profiling. He has always given exceptional value, bringing structure and challenge in a presentation with intellectual rigour, excitement and humour.
Jeff Monks – Chairman of Academy for Chief Executives, Group 20 & 30

Jeremy Thorn is both a regular guest speaker and also an experienced group facilitator for both such types of group, nationwide.