Psychometric Profiling

Understanding Ourselves and Others Better

“Give me a firm place on which to stand and I will move the whole world.”
(Archimedes 287-212 BC)

“Before you can be a leader, you must know who you are and what you stand for.”
(Rudi Giuliani)

Psychometric profiling tools can often offer life-changing experiences at any level, in helping to understand better our personal preferences at work and play and to highlight inate skills that we may never have known we had for further development and personal enrichment.

Such tools can also help employers significantly reduce the risk of making an inappropriate appointment, guide all of us in resolving organisational and team-working issues more effectively, assist in resolving performance management problems, guide any change management or talent management programme, and help other colleagues to find their most appropriate career-paths.

“Jeremy Thorn has the advantage of being an experienced businessman as well as a highly skilled psychometric profiler. As a growing senior team, we have found his skills and sensitive insights to be especially relevant and useful in helping us to build our company over a number of years.”
John Moorhouse, Owner-Manager – Engineering company

These tools should only be conducted within the ethical requirements of the British Psychological Society, which include:

  • only fully validated, reliable and well researched instruments should be used;
  • only trained practitioners should apply them;
  • the results should always be fed back to the participant;
  • the results should be kept entirely confidential and only divulged to others with their agreement.
“The insights Jeremy has given us into each of our own preferred behaviours individually, and how we can act best as a team, have been really helpful.”
Isabelle Nanin, Sales Manager – International Materials Supplier
“Thank you for leading a most instructive, enjoyable and entertaining workshop on ‘Ethical personality profiling and making informed career choices’ for our VIth form students. They have all been very enthusiastic in starting to think about themselves in more objective and adult ways. It seems they have never felt so empowered within school, and my staff colleagues who joined us really enjoyed the event too!”
Martin Davison, Head of VIth Form Studies, Gateways School

Jeremy Thorn is licensed to use an array of such profiling instruments strictly bound by the above ethics. Two of the most widely used and helpful are:

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

See: An introduction to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Short Profiles of the 16 MBTI Types

“I have found MBTI® especially useful to understand both myself better and my team. Thank you Jeremy!”
AA, Senior Manager – NHS Primary Care Trust


See:   An introduction to FIRO-B®

“I found Jeremy’s deep knowledge of FIRO-B® especially helpful in understanding myself in relation to my team and those I work with.”
CH, Member – Academy for Chief Executives Group

Other instruments

Consider also HOGAN tools for competency-based recruitment; EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EQ); and TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS (TA) for understanding better your own preferred conversational styles, how you might respond more effectively to others; your possibly hidden ‘drivers’ and ‘injunctions’ that may be tripping you up unwittingly; and the “games people play” in the ‘Victim-Persecutor-Rescuer’ triangle we may all unwittingly fall into.

“I find it really helpful to see how several quite different profiling tools can work together to produce a much bigger picture, not just to understand others I might work with, but most especially, myself in working with them.”
 IM, Senior Manager – New Technology company


“Our 19-year old daughter stumbled during her first year at University. Jeremy Thorn offered her an array of ethical psychometric profiles which he conducted with great empathy, to allow her to get to know herself better and be clearer about her own gifts and talents. She is now much happier in her new course of studies.”
Dr SF,General Practitioner and Mrs DF, School Teacher; Parents
“We ask Jeremy to offer a range of psychometric profiles for all our senior staff as they join us, to help them see where and how they might best fit in with the rest of us.  It is very effective in both attracting and keeping good staff and time very well spent.”
KS, Managing Director, SME
“How people behave at work is often a mystery – most usually to their new employer, but often to themselves as well.  Jeremy seems to be able to cut through this ‘mystery’, without either putting obstacles in anyone’s way or presenting a picture that no-one else recognises. That’s a rare gift.  It saves us recruiting people who might not fit with us, and others from joining an organisation in which they might never be happy.”
Finance Director – University spin-out company
“I wanted to understand better how different psychometric profiling tools work and how they can be used most effectively by the senior members of my Academy for Chief Executives group, especially for their own insights and self-development.  That’s just what Jeremy offers in his half-day workshop session on ‘Team Makers – Team  Breakers” and I warmly recommend it.”
JAM – Chairman, ACE 20 and Leaders Forum 4