Executive Coaching and Mentoring

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Why have a Non Executive Director

“Self-conquest is the greatest of victories.”
(Plato c. 428- 347 BC)

“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I do not believe in circumstances. The people who get on in the world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want and, if they cannot find them, make them.”
(George Bernard Shaw 1856-1950)

A serious challenge for many senior executives is that they may be expected to have all the answers.  Even the most accomplished executives and leaders know this expectation is wildly unrealistic, and that great leaders never stop learning…

So how might experienced managers and leaders best be helped, who don’t have time to attend formal workshops or perhaps want rather more confidential and private support longer-term?

Here are two well-proven options:

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is usually a specific project to achieve a clear objective agreed between
a) the ‘client’ who is to be coached,
b) the ‘sponsor’ if there is one (eg a more senior colleague), and
c) the coach.

While coaching objectives are almost always business-focused, very often they will cover issues to do as much with a client’s behaviour and relationships as acquiring new knowledge. Good practice demands that the coach provides no solutions – these are for the client to establish – but plenty of searching questions. A professional coaching project is almost always time-bound, with rarely more than 6-8 sessions, usually of two-hours duration each and ideally spread 2-3 weeks apart. Both coach and client need to be totally committed to achieving the agreed objectives and the results can be stunning.

“Jeremy has offered me a challenging and safe coaching experience which has helped me to focus on what I really wanted to achieve and then to go out there and create it for myself.”
Linda Mitchell – independent workshop facilitator and coach
“The coaching I have had from Jeremy has helped me to establish my priorities and focus on what I do best.”
John P, Head of Department – international law firm

Executive Mentoring

Executive Mentoring tends to presume a longer time-scale of support, where clients may well seek many more detailed suggestions, new skills, hands-on knowledge and specific guidance from their mentor, in a way a Coaching client might not.

Mentoring by a professional outsider is especially appropriate for senior executives where other more senior colleagues internally are not available, may not have the time to commit or the skills required, or may even be too close.

“Jeremy has been a great mentor and has assisted me in developing my own skills in developing from a relatively junior position to the stage where I have been able to lead the successful management buy-out of our company. “
Dave F, MD – 2nd generation of software company
“The mentoring I have received from Jeremy has helped open my eyes up to see the bigger picture, to develop my skills further and progress my career. He is professional, insightful, very approachable and highly recommended.”
Keith S, Operations Manager – engineering company


Executive Coaching is sometimes described as the transfer of knowledge and skills’, and Executive Mentoring as ‘the transfer of judgement and wisdom’.  Both have the same essential process-disciplines, of:

  • establishing core goals, by which the support may be evaluated;
  • clarity of intention by any sponsor to both the client and the coach/mentor;
  • commitment by all to the processes and timescales agreed;
  • strict confidentiality and trust between all parties, most especially between the client and the coach/mentor.

What Others Say

“Jeremy has a vast amount of natural skill and intuitive management ability to pass on, both as a skilled coach and mentor, as well as a great knowledge of formal management techniques that he is able to adapt and modify according to his clients’ specific needs and situation.”
Kathleen W, Operations Director – international charity
“My coaching with Jeremy has been some of the most valuable work I have ever done.  He has helped me to learn much more about myself and others, which has been of great value both to the business and in my personal life.”
John S, Quality Manager – metals company
“As a skilled mentor, Jeremy has been very helpful in broadening my outlook and helping me to develop my managerial skills further.  I would recommend him highly to anyone.”
Dr Ian M, Technology Manager – research company