Key-Note Speeches and Away-Day Facilitation

Management Development and Skills Development
How to negotiate better deals
Pricing Strategy

“I find there are few bad companies – just bad managers.”
Frank Cardile – USA entrepreneur

“Great teams need shared experiences as well as common goals.”
Duncan Christie-Miller, ex Royal Marines

Jeremy Thorn offers a wide range of topics for either a key-note speech or for the facilitation of a complete away-day event.

Popular topics include:

  • Turning Good Managers into Great Leaders
  • Looking Around Corners – strategic planning
  • Becoming a Director – essential duties and responsibilities
  • Secrets of Managing Change Successfully – and critical pitfalls to avoid
  • Team Makers – Team Breakers –what makes for a winning team
  • Managing Top-down, Bottom-up, and from Side-to-side
  • Talent Management – how to invest in the future most effectively
  • How to Negotiate Better Deals
  • Bringing Home the Bacon – essential, ethical sales skills
  • Purchasing Strategy – balancing short-term gain / long-term advantage
  • Sustainable Marketing and Pricing Strategies
  • Practical Networking Skills– what goes around comes around!


“Another super talk by Jeremy, with practical tips and useful advice from his strong experience in all things to do with Management and Business Development.  He is a real master and a superb speaker.”
Paul Kincell – Branch Chairman, Chartered Institute of Management
“Jeremy is always a pleasure to work with. He gives each project 110% and takes time to fully understand the needs of every client. He is not only knowledgable and an expert in his field, but also has a real passion for what he does, which comes across in all his consultancy work and training.”
Julia Gold, General Manager, Europe & Middle East – Terrapinn Financial Training
“We’re still all raving about the workshop you led. The interest it has generated within the organisation is phenomenal.”
Trudy C, Head of Planning and Commissioning – NHS Healthcare Trust
“Jeremy didn’t just ‘facilitate’ our Partners’ strategy workshops. He engaged us all, drew us out surprisingly insightfully and very empathetically. He built productively on all our own suggestions, challenged us, questioned us and then suggested many other routes we had not considered before.  He then supported us in focusing us on a route I think many of my colleagues may individually have known we needed to take, but had never agreed on collectively, with great clarity and purpose and without hiding or ignoring many personal concerns, to build a really enthusiastic concensus between us all.  I don’t think we could ever have achieved this on our own and we are very grateful.”
DW, Practice Manager, Law Firm
“The morning I spent in Jeremy’s introductory negotiating workshop was the most useful 4 hours I have ever spent. It has helped me and countless friends negotiate better deals from buying houses to selling businesses.”
Stuart Gale, Frosts Photo Centre
“Jeremy’s key-note talk on leadership skills was practical, helpful and most enjoyable.  Running my own business, employing staff and coordinating freelancers, I got an awful lot out of his contribution.”
Stacy Hurley, Cinnamon Creative Events
“All Jeremy’s management workshops I have attended have been enjoyable and entertaining, as well as highly educational, and have always delivered against our stated objectives. Jeremy’s skill set is remarkably broad and deep and we have found great value from his highly professional contributions.”
P Thompson, Managing Director – NavisWorks
“We found the CPD workshop organised by CIMA today, delivered by Jeremy Thorn, was excellent. Jeremy was not only very informative but also made the event highly enjoyable, participative and entertaining.”
Julie A, Financial Controller – Pentex Oil & Gas; Anita S, Training Officer – Corus; Linda S – BT
“I thoroughly enjoyed Jeremy’s workshop at the Chartered Institute of Management yesterday. He got just the right level of audience participation, without making it embarrassing for any of us. I found him to be an excellent speaker and certainly someone I will look to recommend to others.”
Karen Bright – Director Signature Associates.