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“Experience is the mother of wisdom.”

“We can never know enough – without knowing more than enough.”
(Anon client – overheard)

Jeremy Thorn has written a wide range of short articles for a variety of on-line business-support organisations including the Academy for Chief Executives, Vistage UK, the Daily Telegraph Business Club, The Non-Executive Director and Fresh Business Thinking; as well as for the Health Service Journal, First Practice Management and an array of other professional journals and the wider business press.

The following are available for downloading here, at no charge:

The following articles are also available at no charge on request to

  • Board Meetings: Do They Serve Any Purpose? (Part 1)
  • Board Meetings: How To Ensure They Work (Part 2)
  • Board Meetings: How New Directors Can Add Their Weight (final Part of 3)
  • Remuneration Committees
  • The Business Owner’s Journey
  • Succession Planning for Smaller Businesses
  • Directors and their Shares
  • Business Balance – Stakeholders
  • Who Supports the Entrepreneur?
  • Thought Leadership – and not just yours!
  • Leadership and Lies
  • Leadership Lessons from Holiday
  • Managing a GP Practice
  • Does your GP Practice have a Strategy?
  • Practice Mergers – 10 Top Tips
  • New Business – Old Traps
  • Attracting and Retaining Good Staff
  • Jobs and Individuals: Chicken or Egg?  (Recruitment)
  • Are You Listening? – or just Hearing?
  • Difficult Colleagues – or just Different?
  • 30 Traps to avoid in Negotiating Really Good Deals
  • 10 Golden Rules for Persuading Others
  • 10 Essential Tips for Effective Presentations
  • 10 Essential Tips on Pricing
  • 10 Top Tips for Effective Recruitment
  • 10 Top Tips for Winning New Sales
  • 35 Tips for Managing in a Downturn
  • Getting Paid
  • The Turning Tide – and why businesses buy
  • Public Procurement – Catch 22
  • Top Tips for Exhibition Management
  • The Dangers of Over-Selling
  • Complaints! – and how to deal with them
  • It’s not just what you know…! Networking Tips
  • Think big – Act small!  The power of smaller organisations.
  • Hard Times
  • Maintaining Morale in a Recession
  • Catching a Coach

More detailed Tips Booklets by Jeremy Thorn are also available on application to at £4.99 + p&p:

  • 115 Essential Tips on ‘How to Negotiate Better Deals’
  • 115 Essential Tips on ‘Pricing’
  • 115 Essential Tips for ‘Effective Recruitment’ <UK and USA versions>
  • 115 Essential Tips for ‘Effective Presentations’

Jeremy’s books below are available from Management Books 2000, and also at special rates from

  • ‘How to Negotiate Better Deals’
  • ‘The First-Time Sales Manager’
  • ‘Developing Your Career in Management’

What People Say

“Jeremy Thorn is a valued contributor of business articles to which have been extremely well-received by our readers. They always offer great ideas and advice in a straightforward fashion.  Jeremy Thorn is a consummate professional and has always been very accommodating during our working relationship: easy to deal with and, important to any publisher, always with a keen eye for any deadline!”
Nick James, CEO – Fresh Business Thinking